Executive Functions (EFs) are essential tools that optimise our abilities to thrive in all areas of our lives. This webinar provides a detailed outline of what EFs are and how best to develop them for you and your students. Whether it is to enhance learning, improve behaviour or to establish better self-regulation, the promotion and stimulation of EFs will allow you and your students to gain the most from life’s opportunities.
Participants will gain:
zielony An understanding of what EFs are and how they develop
zielony An ability to recognise when EFs are not yet developed
zielony Knowledge on how to prioritise which EFs to focus on for you and your students
zielony Activity ideas to promote EFs both at school and in the home environment

zielony Dr Andrew Dalziell is a passionate advocate of movement as a tool for improving lives. Running his own therapeutic practice, helping infants, children, adolescents and adults with a wide variety of learning, behaviour and performance related issues. Andy provides personalised intervention programmes designed to address the specific needs of all individuals. Dr Andrew Dalziell delivers training courses for professionals focusing on motor skills and coordination development and their connection to cognition and learning.
term:30 june – 10 am (11:00 PL)
price: 280 PLN

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