The Better Movers and Thinkers webinar will provide all of those new to BMT with a good understanding of the theories that underpin this pedagogical approach. By adopting the key principles and shaping lessons through a BMT approach, teachers will notice a positive change in their students learning with regards to engagement, behaviour and attainment.
For those familiar with the BMT approach a refresher on the key principles will serve teachers well for the new academic year and provide ideas on how to get the most from your students from the outset when they return following the summer holidays.
Participants will gain:
zielony A clear understanding of what BMT is
zielony An appreciation of the philosophy and key principles of BMT
zielony Detailed evidence of the support behind BMT as a successful teaching approach
zielony Ideas of how to adopt BMT within all lessons across the curriculum
zielony An opportunity to ask specific questions with Dr Andy Dalziell – one of the co-founding authors of BMT
zielony Links to detailed online resources to further support beyond this webinar

zielony Dr Andrew Dalziell is a passionate advocate of movement as a tool for improving lives. Running his own therapeutic practice, helping infants, children, adolescents and adults with a wide variety of learning, behaviour and performance related issues. Andy provides personalised intervention programmes designed to address the specific needs of all individuals. Dr Andrew Dalziell delivers training courses for professionals focusing on motor skills and coordination development and their connection to cognition and learning.
How movement makes us better thinkers?
term:24 june – 6 pm (19:00 PL)
price: 280 PLN

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